Meetings held in 2011-2012

April 28 @ Villanova University 


Organizers:  Rebecca Winer and Adriano Duque






• Cristina Guardiola-Griffiths (University of Delaware), “Beauty Matters. Towing the line between aiding the   divine and enabling the demonic in the later Middle Ages"  • Adriano Duque (Villanova University), “Reading Gardens in the Spanish Frontier Ballad Tradition”  


• Jessica Goldberg (University of Pennsylvania), "The Language of Trust, Risk and


 Calculation in the  Documents of Medieval Mediterranean Merchants"   




February 18 @ The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey


Organizer:  Adam Miyashiro 




• Marla Pagan-Mattos (Ph.D. Candidate, University of Pennsylvania), “The Erasure of a Saintly
 Genealogy: The Vida de San Millán de la Cogolla of Berceo and the Task of ‘tornar en 


• Claire Taylor Jones (Ph.D. Candidate, University of Pennsylvania), “Meister Eckhart’s Daughter?” 


• Aaron Hostetter (Rutgers University, Camden), “Feeding Aristocratic Identity in Sir Gowther”


• David King (The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey), “Judicial Duels and Moral Anomie in La Mort le Roi Artu”


• Teofilo Ruiz (University of California, Los Angeles), “Writing Festivals in Late Medieval Spain” 




December 3 @ Princeton University 




Organizer:  Colum Hourihane (Princeton University)


• Andrea Worm (University of Augsburg), “Sancta Mater Ecclesia. A Catechetic Rendering of
the Heavenly Jerusalem”


• Mailan Doquang (Princeton University), “Architectural Thresholds in Thirteenth Century


• Martha Easton (Seton Hall University), “Memory, Mysticism, and Medieval Architecture: Hammond Castle and American Medievalism”


 • Mildred Budny (Research Group on Manuscript Evidence), “The Holistic Approach is Greater
Than the Sum of the Parts:  The Added Mark Frontispiece in the Ninth-Century Royal Bible


• Nino Zchomelidse (Princeton University), “Allegory and Remembrance: Lay Patronage in the Angevin Kingdom”


• Beatrice Radden Keefe (Princeton University), “A Pictograph of Terence”  


• Annemarie Weyl Carr (Southern Methodist University, emeritus), “Naming Images,
 Venerating Icons in Sylvester Syropoulos' World”




October 1 @ Glencairn Museum




Organizer:  Martha Easton (Seton Hall University)






• Sandy Bardsley (Moravian College),  “Gender, Health, and the Archaeological Record”


• Heather Flaherty (Gettysburg College), “Theological Summa or Liber Laicorum? Classifying the Speculum Humanae Salvationis”



Meetings held in 2010-2011

April 9 @ Temple University
Topic:  Performing Medieval Women




Organizer:  Montserrat Piera (Temple University)




•  Margaret Schaus (Haverford College), "When Adam Delved and Eve Span": Taking Account of Women and Gender”


•  Jessica Van Oort (Temple University), “The Wound of the Left Foot”: Agnes Blannbekin’s Theory and Practice of Sacred Performance and Dance”


•  Ruth Mazo Karras (University of Minnesota), “Why did Medieval Women Want to Get Married?”


•  Geoffrey Gust (Temple University), "Performing the Middle Ages:  Cinematic Frames, Gender Games, and the Theater of Medieval Studies"




Feb. 26 @ Rutgers University
Topic:  From England to Byzantium: Geography, Manuscripts and Architecture in the Middle Ages




Organizer: Erik Thuno 


            •  Matthew Goldie (Rider University), “England’s Insularity in the Late Middle Ages: Theoretical 
                   and Material Geographies” 
            •  Robert Maxwell (University of Pennsylvania), "Illuminating Absence: Signatures and Signs on 
                   Romanesque Charters"
            •  Jeanette Patterson (Johns Hopkins University), "Stolen Scriptures: The Wartime Politics of 
                   Owning the Bible Historiale" (Winner of the Graduate Student Paper Award)
            •  Jelena Trkulja (Princeton University), “Hidden Revelations: Semiotics of Byzantine


December 11 @ Princeton University
Topic:  Contemplation, Image and History in the Middle Ages 
Organizer: Colum P. Hourihane, Princeton University
        •  Lynn Ransom (Lawrence J. Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts), "The Stein Quadriptych and the 
            Pictorial Vita Christi Tradition in the Late Middle  Ages"
        •  Don C. Skemer (Princeton University), "English Genealogical Chronicle Rolls and their Readers"
        •  Constance Bouchard (University of Akron), "The Twelfth Century Contemplates Its Merovingian Past"
        •  Karl Morrison (Rutgers University), " ‘The image of God is one thing; what is contemplated in the
            image is another':  Paradoxes of Art and the Self"
        •  Katrin Kogman-Appel (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev), "Women with Books in Medieval Jewish
            Art: Female Education and (Il)literacy from Cairo to Worms" 
        •  Michael Curschmann (Princeton University), "Integrating Anselm: Pictures, Inscriptions and Music in
            a 12th-Century Manuscript of His Prayers and Meditations"

September 11 @ Free Library of Philadelphia
Topic:  Transmedieval Techne
Organizer: Kathleen Biddick, Temple University


Larry Scanlon (English-Rutgers), "The Premodern Real"


Kathleen E. Kennedy (English- PSU Brandywine), "Transmedieval IT: The Law"


Margaret Mullett (Director of Byzantine Studies-Dumbarton Oaks), "A Life of Bliss: Positioning Byzantine Studies in the 21st Century"


Catherine Conybeare (Classics-Bryn Mawr), "Postmodern Positivism: On Techne & Text Editing"



September  26 @ University of Pennsylvania
Organizer:  Lynn Ransom, University of Pennsylvania


Erik Knibbs (University of Pennsylvania), "The First Seven Miracles Performed by Aldhelm of Malmesbury"


Martin Foys (Drew University), "The Digital Mappaemundi Project: Making the World more than Word"


Round-table Discussion with Kathleen E. Kennedy (Penn State University-Brandywine) & Paul Patterson (St. Joseph's University) on "Reforming the Reformation of the Book: A Report on the recent NEH Seminar 'Reformation of the Book'"


December 12 @ Princeton University
Organizer: Matt Shoaf, Ursinus College


Colum Hourihane (Index of Christian Art), "The Irish High Crosses - A New Interpretation"


Emily Zazulia (University of Pennsylvania), "Corps contre corps, voix contre voix: Conflicting Codes of Discourse in the Late Fifteenth-Century Combinative Chanson" WINNER OF THE GRADUATE STUDENT PAPER PRIZE


Robert Hollander (Princeton University), "Dante's Problematic Cato the Younger: Purgatory I& II"


February 21 @ Bryn Mawr College
Topic:  Translatio and Translation in Medieval Europe
Organizer:  Ellie Truit, Bryn Mawr College


Maud McInerney (Haverford College), "Hector in the Alabaster Chamber: Translating History in the Medieval Troy Story"


Jennifer Borland (Oklahoma State University and Penn Humanities Forum), "Accessing Health in the Regime du corps"


Jamie Taylor (Bryn Mawr College), "From Mouth to Page: William Langland's Testimonial Book"


Nicholas Watson (Harvard University), "Work in Progress: The Thirteenth-Century Pastoral Revolution and the Making of Lay Identity"


April 17 @ Temple University
Organizer: Montserrat Piera, Temple University


Susan Einbinder (Hebrew College), "Seeing the Blind: On Misreadings of the Medieval Jewish Past"


Ronald Surtz (Princeton University), "The Perils of Female Writing in Late Medieval Valencia"


Kathleen Biddick (Temple University), "Dead Neighbors: The Sovereignty of Miracles"



September 27 @ University of Pennsylvania, University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
Organizer: Lawrence Nees, University of Delaware


Richard Hodges (Williams Director, University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania), "Rethinking S. Vincenzo al Volturno and the Plan of St. Gall”


Alan Gaylord (Winkley Professor of English, emeritus, Dartmouth College; Senior Scholar, English, Princeton University; Visiting Scholar, University of Pennsylvania), "Medieval Literature and Medieval Readers: Performed Out Loud or Imagined by Single Readers?"


December 13  @ Princeton University
Organizer:  Lawrence Nees, University of Delaware


Julia Smith (University of Glasgow; visiting member, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton), "Rulers and Relics in the Early Middle Ages"


Erik Thun? (Rutgers University), "The Early Medieval Apse: Observations on Liturgy and Reception"


Mary Morse (Rider University), "Julitta and Quiricus: Childbirth Protectors in Medieval English Manuscripts and Devotional Traditions"


February 11 @ Rider University
Topic: The Hidden and Revealed in Medieval and Early Modern Culture


Linda Carreiro (University of Calgary), "Revealing the Anatomical Body: Inscriptions within Early Modern Dissection Culture"


Timothy McCall (Villanova University), "The Signore Hidden and Revealed: the Coretto of Pier Maria Rossi of Parma"


Joseph Salvatore Ackley (New York University), "Increasingly Improper: 13th and 14th Century Manuscript Illuminations of Biblical Sodomite"


Matthew Boyd Goldie (Rider University), "The Global South of Medieval Maps"


Dominick Finello (Rider University), Cultural Landscapes and Esthetic Norms in the Quijote"


Geoffrey Shamos ( University of Pennsylvania), "A Crucial Divide: Visions of Zechariah in the Hortus Deliciarum, fols. 64v. and 65r"


Nick Welding (Georgia State University), "Unmasking the World: Galileo and Authorship"


Laura Levine (New York University), "Magic and Counter-magic: Spectacles of Visibility"


Robert J. Dobie (LaSalle University), "The Hidden and the Revealed in Medieval Philosophy"


Keynote Ingrid Rowland (Notre Dame's School of Architecture in Rome), "The Secret World of Athanasius Kircher"




April 19 @ The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore
Organizer:  Lynn Ransom, University of Pennsylvania


David Reynolds (Sheridan Libraries, Johns Hopkins University), The Roman de la Rose Digital Library


Stephen Nichols (Johns Hopkins University), Digital Humanities: New Challenges


Giles Constable (Institute for Advanced Study), Cluny and Rome


Martha Easton (Bryn Mawr College), Nudity and Dress in the Belles Heures of Jean, Duke of Berry



October 6 @ University of Pennsylvania







- Kathleen Andersen-Weyman (Barzoport College), “Andreas Capellanus and Medieval Concepts of Self”




- Edward Peters (University of Pennsylvania), “The Lady Vanishes: Gervaise of Tilbury on Heresy and Wonders’



December 8 @ Princeton University



Organizers:  Elaine Beretz, Bryn Mawr College, and Gregory Moule






- David Peterson (Washington and Lee University0, “Religion and the Church in Renaissance Italy”



- Thomas Izbicki (Rutgers University), “Defending a Conservative View on Witches: Cardinal Juan de Torquemada OP on the canon Episcopi [C. 26 q. 5 c. 12]”



- Caroline Walker Bynum (Institute for Advanced Studies), “Matter and Miracles”




February 16 @ Lutheran Theological Seminary at Phildelphia



Organizers: Donald Duclow, Gwynedd-Mercy College, and Elaine Beretz, Bryn Mawr College






                - David Wallace (University of Pennsylvania), “Discovering Margery Kempe”



- Ljubomir Milanovic (Rutgers University), “Advertising the Body: Translatio of St. Stephen and the Fresco Cycle in the Church of San Lorenzo fuori le mura in Rome”



- Marcia Colish (Yale University), “The Book of the Gentile and the Three Sages: Ramon Llull as Anselm of Canterbury Redevivus?”



April 26 @ University of Delaware: Joint meeting of the DVMA and the University of Delaware Medieval-Renaissance Colloquium
Topic:  Papers on English Medieval Literature, History and Art in Honor of Mary P. Richards
Organizer:  Lawrence Nees, University of Delaware



Laura Cochrane (University of Delaware), "'Where There Is No Time:'  The Quadrivium and Images of Eternity"


Lisa Letau (University of Delaware), The Cloud of Unknowing: The Individual Reaching for God"


Kathleen Davis (Princeton University), "How English Law Has Been Written: Collection, Translation, and Tailoring in the 11th- and 12th Centuries"


Dorothy Shepherd (Pratt Institute), "Anglo-Norman Manuscript Production in Canterbury"


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