Meetings held in 2011-2012

April 28 @ Villanova University 


Organizers:  Rebecca Winer and Adriano Duque






• Cristina Guardiola-Griffiths (University of Delaware), “Beauty Matters. Towing the line between aiding the   divine and enabling the demonic in the later Middle Ages"  • Adriano Duque (Villanova University), “Reading Gardens in the Spanish Frontier Ballad Tradition”  


• Jessica Goldberg (University of Pennsylvania), "The Language of Trust, Risk and


 Calculation in the  Documents of Medieval Mediterranean Merchants"   




February 18 @ The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey


Organizer:  Adam Miyashiro 




• Marla Pagan-Mattos (Ph.D. Candidate, University of Pennsylvania), “The Erasure of a Saintly
 Genealogy: The Vida de San Millán de la Cogolla of Berceo and the Task of ‘tornar en 


• Claire Taylor Jones (Ph.D. Candidate, University of Pennsylvania), “Meister Eckhart’s Daughter?” 


• Aaron Hostetter (Rutgers University, Camden), “Feeding Aristocratic Identity in Sir Gowther”


• David King (The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey), “Judicial Duels and Moral Anomie in La Mort le Roi Artu”


• Teofilo Ruiz (University of California, Los Angeles), “Writing Festivals in Late Medieval Spain” 




December 3 @ Princeton University 




Organizer:  Colum Hourihane (Princeton University)


• Andrea Worm (University of Augsburg), “Sancta Mater Ecclesia. A Catechetic Rendering of
the Heavenly Jerusalem”


• Mailan Doquang (Princeton University), “Architectural Thresholds in Thirteenth Century


• Martha Easton (Seton Hall University), “Memory, Mysticism, and Medieval Architecture: Hammond Castle and American Medievalism”


 • Mildred Budny (Research Group on Manuscript Evidence), “The Holistic Approach is Greater
Than the Sum of the Parts:  The Added Mark Frontispiece in the Ninth-Century Royal Bible


• Nino Zchomelidse (Princeton University), “Allegory and Remembrance: Lay Patronage in the Angevin Kingdom”


• Beatrice Radden Keefe (Princeton University), “A Pictograph of Terence”  


• Annemarie Weyl Carr (Southern Methodist University, emeritus), “Naming Images,
 Venerating Icons in Sylvester Syropoulos' World”




October 1 @ Glencairn Museum




Organizer:  Martha Easton (Seton Hall University)






• Sandy Bardsley (Moravian College),  “Gender, Health, and the Archaeological Record”


• Heather Flaherty (Gettysburg College), “Theological Summa or Liber Laicorum? Classifying the Speculum Humanae Salvationis”


Our Thanks

The DVMA would like to offer its sincere gratitude to the Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies at the University of Pennsylvania Libraries and the Princeton Index of Christian Art for their continued support of our programs.

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