Meetings held in 2010-2011

April 9 @ Temple University
Topic:  Performing Medieval Women




Organizer:  Montserrat Piera (Temple University)




•  Margaret Schaus (Haverford College), "When Adam Delved and Eve Span": Taking Account of Women and Gender”


•  Jessica Van Oort (Temple University), “The Wound of the Left Foot”: Agnes Blannbekin’s Theory and Practice of Sacred Performance and Dance”


•  Ruth Mazo Karras (University of Minnesota), “Why did Medieval Women Want to Get Married?”


•  Geoffrey Gust (Temple University), "Performing the Middle Ages:  Cinematic Frames, Gender Games, and the Theater of Medieval Studies"




Feb. 26 @ Rutgers University
Topic:  From England to Byzantium: Geography, Manuscripts and Architecture in the Middle Ages




Organizer: Erik Thuno 


            •  Matthew Goldie (Rider University), “England’s Insularity in the Late Middle Ages: Theoretical 
                   and Material Geographies” 
            •  Robert Maxwell (University of Pennsylvania), "Illuminating Absence: Signatures and Signs on 
                   Romanesque Charters"
            •  Jeanette Patterson (Johns Hopkins University), "Stolen Scriptures: The Wartime Politics of 
                   Owning the Bible Historiale" (Winner of the Graduate Student Paper Award)
            •  Jelena Trkulja (Princeton University), “Hidden Revelations: Semiotics of Byzantine


December 11 @ Princeton University
Topic:  Contemplation, Image and History in the Middle Ages 
Organizer: Colum P. Hourihane, Princeton University
        •  Lynn Ransom (Lawrence J. Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts), "The Stein Quadriptych and the 
            Pictorial Vita Christi Tradition in the Late Middle  Ages"
        •  Don C. Skemer (Princeton University), "English Genealogical Chronicle Rolls and their Readers"
        •  Constance Bouchard (University of Akron), "The Twelfth Century Contemplates Its Merovingian Past"
        •  Karl Morrison (Rutgers University), " ‘The image of God is one thing; what is contemplated in the
            image is another':  Paradoxes of Art and the Self"
        •  Katrin Kogman-Appel (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev), "Women with Books in Medieval Jewish
            Art: Female Education and (Il)literacy from Cairo to Worms" 
        •  Michael Curschmann (Princeton University), "Integrating Anselm: Pictures, Inscriptions and Music in
            a 12th-Century Manuscript of His Prayers and Meditations"

September 11 @ Free Library of Philadelphia
Topic:  Transmedieval Techne
Organizer: Kathleen Biddick, Temple University


Larry Scanlon (English-Rutgers), "The Premodern Real"


Kathleen E. Kennedy (English- PSU Brandywine), "Transmedieval IT: The Law"


Margaret Mullett (Director of Byzantine Studies-Dumbarton Oaks), "A Life of Bliss: Positioning Byzantine Studies in the 21st Century"


Catherine Conybeare (Classics-Bryn Mawr), "Postmodern Positivism: On Techne & Text Editing"


Our Thanks

The DVMA would like to offer its sincere gratitude to the Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies at the University of Pennsylvania Libraries and the Princeton Index of Christian Art for their continued support of our programs.

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